The Beat Junkies video series “Watch The Sound” returns, spotlighting on Djs/Turntablists that we like and letting them get busy. This episode, we feature Redbull 3x LA Thre3style Champion, Dj Dynamix of the IF2 crew. Watch him get down as he chops up the Rasco classic song “The Unassited”. You can follow Dynamix on Twitter and IG: @dynamixif2


Detroit representative Finale is prepping up his return to the recording world for his upcoming album “Odds & Ends” on Mello Music Group. But before he drops his album, he drops a dope mixtape to remind the public just how dope he’s is called “Bits & Pieces”, mixed by the one & only Houseshoes. Featuring production by Black Milk, Oddisee, House Shoes, Knxwledge, Waajeed, Nottz, Flying Lotus, and more. Get familiar with Finale’s work, below, and be sure to cop Odds & Ends on August 14th via Mello Music Group

5 Albums You Slept On (and why you shouldn’t have)

Untitled - 6
From years of running Strictly Beats ( a benchmark in Instrumental Hip-Hip / Beat Tape sites ) and also trying to merge another popular blog that I was a part of HHB ( hip-hop bootleggers ) I’ve been digging music for years online and off. Some of my favorite artists have faded away, while others have stood the test of time and found ways of navigating through the changing music environment. I feel like these 5 albums were really amazing pieces of work that would’ve gone a lot further had the internet been more like it is now. From content to production, delivery and cadence, and the emcees/producers/dj’s involved. These projects definitely had a fair share of quality control and all deserve a second life / resurface. Check them out in their entirety, and tell a friend…

1. Stories About Nothing : Intuition – Los Angeles, CA

2. Stick Figures : Prolyphic & Robust – Chicago & Rhode Island
( Unfortunately I can’t find a full album link but you can purchase it at the link below )

Click Here For Full Album

3. Rhyme Asylum – State Of Lunacy – London, United Kingdom

4. Symbionese Liberation : Third Sight – Los Angeles, CA

5. Force Fed : IDE – New York, NY

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The Beat Junkies would like to welcome the Texas Scratch League to the Beat Junkie Radio family. This Saturday (July 18th) & every 3rd Saturdays from 5-7pm PST/7-9pm CST, the Texas Scratch League will air their own show called “Viberoom”. Listen to some of the best Djs/Turntablist get down coming from the Lone Star State. Make sure to download the Dash Radio FREE app on ITunes or Google Play to listen to the show or go to and click on the “Beat Junkie Radio” channel to tune in!


Peace Everyone….

It’s been a hot minute since I posted up on the Beat Junkies Blog….

just recently found this live recording audio of when I participated in the Beat Society LA Showcase in 2004…listening to this recording had me buggin out and brought back memories. This featured beats by Jake One, Marco Polo, Kev Brown, & yours truly.

Let me backtrack a little…..Some of you might be familar with the Beat Society Producer Showcase, some of you might not. For me personally, this is the one that started it all with the producer showcase genre, in terms of having established & upcoming producers at that time. This showcase was the brainchild from Philly producer extraordinaire Hezekiah along with the help from the indy label Soulspazm. Beat Fanatic head honcho Slopfunkdust was also instrumental in connecting the dots. The event was always hosted by Stef Tataz & Sao. And almost every producer that had a name or just getting a buzz has graced the stage: Kanye West, Nottz, Illmind, Exile, 9th Wonder, B!nk, Oddisee, & many more.

The showcase event would always feature 4 producers playing their beats live off their respected machines, as well as having well known MCs rock over their production, plus a sample challenge round where each producer would have to flip a sample that the committee from the Beat Society has chosen…The event was mostly based in the East Coast, primarily Philidelphia.

In 2003, it was the first time that the Beat Society Showcase ventures out West, specificially Los Angeles at the Knitting Factory. There, they had Dj Khalil, Illmind, Hezekiah, & the Dilated Junkie himself, Dj Babu. I had the honor of spinning music in between. What was also monumental, Dilla & Madlib were in the house chillin in the background peepin out the event.

In 2004, they had another Beat Society LA showcase (again at the Knitting factory), but this time, they asked me to participate as a producer. I was very honored, and to tell you the truth, I was hella nervous. “Why?” you ask? Well, I had to share the stage with some of my favorite producers who happen to be also my friends: Jake One, Marco Polo, & Kev Brown. To be on the same stage as these heavyweights had me shook….haha! I had alot of pressure, (1) because I was repping the hometown and didn’t want to let Los Angeles down and (2) the general public didn’t really know me as a producer; I was known more for being a DJ/Turntablist and I wanted to showcase my production to the public.

When you listen to the audio, you can hear each producer’s individual style and what equipment they were using: Jake had the ASR-10, Marco Polo & Kev Brown had the MPC 2000XL, & me…I had the MPC2000 & the Technics 1200 (yeah, I brought my set up at that time…lol). You can tell I was really nervous…haha. Also, when you listen to the audio, you might be familiar with some of the production that we played that night, especially Jake’s production of De La Soul‘s “Rock KoKane Flow” & WWE’s John Cena‘s wrestling intro song “The Time Is Now”. I played beats that would eventually make onto the Visionaries‘ 4th album “We Are The Ones”.

All in all, I had a great time sharing the stages with these guys, bonding & cracking jokes, & showcasing my beats. And it was a great feeling when my peers who I am a fan of their work gave me my props as a producer that night….that meant alot to me. I am honored to be featured & be part of this historic moment of the Beat Society history.

Bigups to Hezekiah, Jim at Soulspazm, Slopfunkdust, Sao, Stef, Jake, Marco, Kev, Casual, Akrobatik, Mr. Lif, Thearapy aka Paten Locke, Prince Po (Organized Konfusion), Black Silver, OhNo, Dj Romes, Dj Khalil, Chace Infinite, SA-RA, & to the listeners…..enjoy this time capsule moment.



Speaking of Soundcheck…’s the official audio from our show this past Tuesday.

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Soundcheck ep. 10 (7.7.15) w/ Immortal Technique, Anderson .Paak, & Budgie

Dj Rhettmatic set

Moss – Boombastic feat Slum Village
Prhyme – Courtesy (Marco Polo remix)
Bishop Lamont – Mutiny feat. Rich Kidd
Papoose – The Plug
The Black Opera – Sacred Cow
Pete Rock – 90s Class Act
Your Old Droog – Senseless Killin II
Skyzoo – See A Key feat Jadakiss
Heresy – Da Call Out
Pete Rock – Gonna Love You

Special Guest Immortal Technique

Immortal Technique – Industrial Revolution
Chino XL – Arm Yourself feat Immortal Technique & Sick Jacken
Immortal Technique – Positive Balance feat Big Zoo
Immortal Technique -The 3rd World
Immortal Technique – Rebel Armz
Pharoahe Monch – W.A.R feat Immortal Technique
Immortal Technique – Point Of No Return
Immortal Technique – Parole (Evil Genius Remix)
Immortal Technique – Dance With The Devil
Immortal Technique – Lick Shots feat Crooked I & Chino XL
Immortal Technique – Top Of The Food Chain

Dj Babu set

Ghostface Killah – Get The Money
Bilal – Love Over Money feat. Kendrick Lamar
Slum Village – Love Is feat Bilal & Illa J
Czarface – Kaboom feat MF DOOM
Bishop Neru – Somebody Waits

Special Guest Anderson .Paak

Jon Wayne – Green light ft Anderson .Paak
Anderson .Paak – Milk n Honey
Anderson .Paak – Piece On The Glovebox
Anderson .Paak – King Dave

Anderson .Paak – P.Y.P (play your part)
Anderson .Paak – Boom Bap
Anderson .Paak – Celibate
Dj Premier x BMB Spacekid- til its done ft Anderson .Paak
Anderson .Paak – Maps
Anderson .Paak – Get Em Up
Knx x Anderson .Paak – Suede

Dj Babu set 2

Statik Selecta – Top Tier feat Sean P
Pac Div – Roll The Dice
Cormega – No Filter feat Roc Marci
Ghostface Killah – Return Of The Savage feat Raekwon

Special Guest: Budgie
Budgie set


If you didn’t know, our very own Dj Babu the Dilated Junkie is a professional amateur photographer. If you follow his IG profile, you know what to expect. The man behind “Instababs” also has a tumblr page. Check out some of his Behind The Scene pictures from our Soundcheck radio show this past Tuesday (7.7.15) with additional pictures from Maricel Sison


See the rest of the pics here:

How To Book Better Gigs More Often

How To Book Better Gigs More Often

In my 10 years of working at various capacities in and around this industry, I never once took into consideration how difficult, complicated and overwhelming things must be for aspiring talent that lacks proper guidance to “make it” as they say… We all know the internet has provided several articles, tutorials and resources for people to independently help themselves become as aware and knowledgeable as possible. With the addition of social media and platforms like Bandcamp and Soundcloud, it’s become even easier for you to project yourself to the masses and correspond with potential investors to your brand (fans).  My question is, what happens when you get offline? Like, ok great! You’ve been featured all over the world and your mixes, songs and videos have thousands of plays, you’ve got a little blog traction and managed to open for a few established acts that you can namedrop into your bio, but what’s next?   I feel like several talented people hit this peak and then unfortunately start questioning what they are doing or drag their feet. This is when we start to look at other options like Agents, Managers, PR/Publicists and Peers for help.

*Now I must really like you guys, because I’ve decided to put together this basic visual aid to illustrate what happens at this moment.

Untitled - 14
Alright, so that was quick and painless right? Now I’m not saying all artists follow this pattern, but through the ones I’ve mentored, managed, and coached from the sidelines and on the field. I’d be lying if I didn’t say this was a very real and common thing,

so congrats, you’re not alone.

Here’s my tips on how to land more bookings, more often (and help improve your overall self)

  1. Be Transparent. In all interactions. any communication. I know I don’t have to tell you how far integrity, modesty and honesty go but I’m going to anyways. You don’t know how many times people have asked me to manage them bragging about working with this person, or that label, or performing on xyz stage while I smile and nod. Then get home, reach for my phone, shoot a text out and see if what you said is true. – Technology is a blessing and a curse, it’s your choice on whether you want it to work with you or against you. One of the easiest ways to avoid it malfunctioning or not working out in your favor is keeping it 100.
  2. Friendliness – I understand you may not like Joe Blow’s music, or think Kristi Kokane and The Kirkland Krew  are trash, but that doesn’t mean you have to be rude or disrespectful. In an industry where all you have is your word, use yours wisely and for good. It costs nothing to be nice, and there isn’t a gun to your head to support said act, but you could have one at your head if you decide to speak up and degrade someone else’s efforts. Social Media may sometimes encourage bad behavior, but you can use it to showcase your personality and really leverage friendships and new connections, just by being positive.
  3. Organization – Having your EPK (electronic press kit) in order will surely help you get more placement and better gigs. Business Cards & Websites are synonymous with this as well.  For me to take someone seriously, I need to know they’ve invested in themselves before they are trying to ask for money from me. No Joke, I spend a quarter of the year re-producing these for people who went on craigslist or through a friend and got a price hookup, but an abomination of work. Make sure you put your best foot forward on all fronts.  Collecting Emails and Numbers then dissecting them when you get home, into an excel spreadsheet is a great way to work on your organization and launch concentrated marketing efforts. This also goes for making a list of Radio Stations, Blogs, Magazines, and other areas that you want to reach utilizing their submission addresses & emails.
  4. Put some Bass in your voice – Confidence, not cockiness, when introducing yourself to others at events will  go a long way, throw in some humor and you’re in! If you are at an event, whether performing or not, chances are the people who produced it are also in attendance. Now keeping in mind there is a time and place for everything. I don’t necessarily suggest going out of your way to bother these people ( I am one of these people ) but if you do happen to cross paths with them. Say a quick hello, introduce yourself quickly, and depending on the vibe, either keep it moving or pay them a compliment. First impressions go along way, and set the tone for any future correspondence. Small talk isn’t required, and what you say “can” hurt you, so use some tact. Depending on your approach, you should’ve opened the door for yourself to at least see each other again, briefly and have a slightly longer conversation, until eventually your rapport is at a point that you can share your music. Who knows, you may even get requested for your EPK. You can be proud and accomplished without being arrogant or conceited, much like a vegan or crossfitter can be a vegan or crossfitter, without telling anyone they’re vegan or do crossfit.
  5. Support by attending! – Another great way to get the attention of the players in the scene is being active. Seven years ago when I moved to Los Angeles, I didn’t know much of anyone or anything with an exception to people I’ve met in the past when they were on the east coast (NY) or the south (ATX) for specific events (Jumpoff/SXSW/etc). Now I’m happy and lucky enough to say that I’m known throughout several scenes and circles and get warm greetings, because of my consistent support and interactions. By frequenting events that fit a demographic you’re interested in, you’ll open several doors because generally the attendees are interested in the same things as you. The best part is, not all of them are there promoting themselves, and several potential fans are listening and watching you move. This is where that whole first impressions are lasting thing comes into play. If you connect with others in social environments and keep it cordial, you’d be surprised how far that goes and where it translates into your income. If you do the opposite keep in mind that those who you talk to, can talk too. If you go to an event consistently enough, you get to meet the residents and coordinators casually, which opens the doors of opportunity if you get along. Two things I DO NOT suggest is, attempting to get booked for events you haven’t attended more than a few times, and DO NOT become a pushy overbearing salesperson. Nothing is worse then the guy who interrupts the conversation or cipher to push his latest frisbee. Again, use tact (and common sense) because you never know who is watching.
  6. Think Outside Of The Box – I dropped a mix on 200 cd’s a few months back and gave them to L.A. Uber & Lyft Drivers. This mix + my cards got my website traffic boosted by 1200 people, I made 17 new connections on social media, and my soundcloud had a few addtl thousand plays on the week. When I worked for Viacom/MTV Networks in NY at 1515 Broadway – I used to sneak into the library and mail room and stick my event flyers & cd’s into everyone’s cubby. When I was in high school I dropped my poetry and a mixtape into the women’s locker room 3 vent slots on valentine’s day and made a lot of people happy 🙂 – These are just examples of the lengths in which I’ve personally gone to reach a broader demographic. Sure the internet is great between Reddit, Buzzfeed, Social Media, and all the other outlets. Although if you want to make a real splash where you’re the small fish in a big pond, you’ve gotta be creative. Find unique methods of packaging and delivering your content to people. Think about who you want to reach, and where they will be. I used to always be amazed by all the luxury vehicles Los Angeles had floating in the streets daily, to the point that I started asking anyone in a 80k+ vehicle what they did for a living? The result? some blew me off, some told me, and some followed up with “Why do you ask” and took what I had to offer ( a business card, resume, and cd ) and managed to connect me with some top industry professionals. I urge people to never be afraid of the unknown, and just weight “what’s the worst that can happen” before acting to yield best results. As long as your promotion and marketing attempts are not disruptive or destructive, I definitely co-sign pushing the ante on distribution tactics.  *Note: This does not include tagging the side of the 10 freeway with your soundcloud link.
  7. Professionalism – I can’t count on all my fingers and toes how many times people have shown up late, complained about irrelevant bullshit, gotten too tipsy/turnt before their set, or too faded on the patio when they should’ve been setting up.  If you want to be treated like a professional, act like one. Show up early, make yourself useful, show that you’re invested in the show and it’s not just a quick snatch & grab of some promoters cash by promoting the event to the best of your abilities. ( Trust me, social media has definitely made this task a no-brainer for you ) – If you are granted a few guestlist slots, don’t abuse them by showing up at the door every 5 minutes giving my doorgirl lip about letting a broke homie in. If they spent the time/money to get to your event, they’ve got the financial means to support you. Not to mention, let’s be honest – the doorgirl may throw you the fuck out. Please bring all required music on a USB/Phone/CD and have a backup, unless you like performing acapella or over other people’s instrumentals. Do not hastle promoters or coordinators for drink tickets, we understand you can’t survive on water all night, and need to get your booze to boost your buzz and confidence levels. Be supportive. I can’t stress this enough, I’m not talking emotional support, or child support. Applaud other acts, watch your time, don’t infringe on others by going over your designated slot, and don’t be a dick.  Make it easy for us to pay you and book you again. I’ve noticed the talent that gets booked the most, tend to have their shit together (being organized) and arrive on time, perform on time, say thank you, abide by the house rules, are responsive by text/email, and can send me an invoice via venmo, square, paypal, etc. if they aren’t paid the night of. As in any career, being a professional will take you far and doesn’t go unnoticed. Act like you know.
  8. DIY – Do it yourself, alright so you are determined to get on. You don’t do “Pay To Play” showcases (never do p2p showcases), you’ve hit the Open Mics on a weekly basis for a few months now. You’ve gone to nearby cities to try to get a feel for a different crowd. You’ve done everything I’ve said above before, and then some… At this point, I’d suggest trying to throw your own event. Now event production and coordinating is *NOT* for everybody, and *NOT* to be taken lightly. I cannot emphasize enough how much we don’t need more poorly put together functions that hang on by a thread and waste people’s time and money. I’m also not saying that if nobody will book you, then you book yourself. What I am saying is, if you have established a bit of a name for yourself, you can draw a decent 15-50 person paying crowd, and you’ve made a few connections through the events you’ve supported. Maybe it’s in your best interest to produce your own function. Find a venue, work out a deal, run it by a few friends to make sure it’s a solid one, book yourself to perform and a few supplemental acts that make sense for your sound or theme of the night. I know when doing talent booking and artist management/development with people who have no names. I was able to build names for them by producing a series that featured them as residents or near-headliners. You can do this for yourself without too much difficulty, but I really only suggest taking this route once you’ve reached the minimum requirements mentioned above, and already do everything else listed within this post. I’d hate to hear you followed a beat junkies blog posting from some guy named spiv and got evicted because you put your rent on the line and had a poorly designed flyer and a weak lineup with no gas.
  9. Be Yourself. – Most of this stuff above is self-explanatory, or one would think. Unfortunately, I see these tools of the trade get tangled up and forgotten very rapidly, especially when one gets a little shine. At the end of the day, people will book you based on who you are. If they aren’t booking you, it doesn’t mean nobody likes you, it means you’ve got room for improvement. Never stop practicing and progressing to be the best you, that you can be. If you’re not seeing the results in what you’re doing, change what you’re doing, or how you’re doing it, until you see the response you want to receive. The Los Angeles and New York markets for music are savage, and the fakes, jakes, and snakes get weeded out quickly. You have to learn before you earn, and always keep a guard up. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. No party or event is worth losing sleep over. Overcompensating for accomplishments you don’t have yet, is unnecessary and you are only as good as your word, so keep that shit golden. None of the things mentioned in this article prevent you from being yourself, and at the end of the day, the real ones get the work.

Maybe in the next Artist Essential piece on The Beat Junkies site, I’ll we can break down the differences between expectations and duties of Agents, Managers and Publicists.

I hope you enjoyed the first Artist Essentials posting on The Beat Junkies blog. 

I’ll leave you with this last nugget of advice. At the end of the day, It’s all about how you serve it up.

If you have the worst food in the world and it looks amazing — People will give it a shot.

If you have the best food in the world, and it looks like shit — People won’t touch it.

Swap out food with Events, Music, Art, Film, Photos, etc and the lesson is the same. Presentation, Connection, and Communication are Keys To Success. Don’t do anything rushed or forced, don’t put out half-assed looking event flyers or album artwork. Spend a little extra time and money on things you value most, so others can recognize that when they feel, see, and hear the product you are delivering, especially when that product is yourself.

Hope this helps you land more bookings,  as it has for a handful of others whom I see living off of their craft. Don’t be too hard on yourself.

For anyone with a problem with this article, they can check out my friends video  – Otherwise, we’re back in a week, next Wednesday with another post. If you missed my last one, you can check it out 5 Artists You Should Know 


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Mello Music Group just dropped the Official Mixtape of Pete Rock‘s “Petestrumentals 2”, put together by the our very own J.Rocc aka The Funky President aka Soul Brother #2. Peep the goodness. “Petestrumentals 2” out now!


Our good friend J.Rawls‘ record label Polar Entertainment recently signed the legendary Monie Love‘s new group called “Heresy”. The all-female Hip Hop group consists of Carolina Dirty, Dominique LaRue, MyVerse & of course Monie Love. They have an official single/video called “Da Call Out” from their self-titled EP; this song is produced by Black Sheep’s Mista Lounge. Support that quality independent Hip Hop!


Tonight is another incredible episode of J.Rocc‘s very own radio show “Adventures In Stereo” on 90.7FM KPFK in LA or Worldwide from 10pm-12am PST. This week’s guest is the legendary DJ Muro, the King Of Diggin, all the way from Japan. This is going to be a dope show tonight so don’t miss out & tune in!!


Beat Junkie Radio would to welcome aboard Voidshift Radio as our 1st official speciality program show outside of the Beat Junkies.

You’re wondering “Who or What is Voidshift Radio?”. Here’s a brief description:

“Voidshift is a beat and rhythms hub of individuals dedicated to music and audio/visual projects that represents the culture around us. The main objective for Voidshift is to share our music, collaborative efforts, and creativity accessible throughout all of the universe. Expression is one of the many qualities that we hold as humans, and through Voidshift, we hope to inspire you to keep expressing your passions no matter what the obstacle”

The collective from Voidshift Radio have been doing their radio show for quite sometime and we’re excited to have them share their wealth & passion of music.  Starting tonight (July 5th) & every Sunday nights, Voidshift Radio will be broadcasting from 7-9pm on Beat Junkie Radio, exclusively on Dash Radio.

Here’s a taste of their show….if you like what you hear, please download the FREE Dash Radio App or listen on the web: and tune in tonight! Shoutouts to Wave Groove, Erok, & Justpudge.

Voidshift Radio – no.46 – Astronautica, Triton Bloom, Rick G., Dom Prieto, wave Groove by Voidshift Radio on Mixcloud


Speaking of Dj Craze, our boy got busy as a guest on Soulection Radio on their latest episode #214. We also like to say congratulations to our boy Joe Kay and the whole Soulection crew by taking their radio show to Apple Music‘s “Beats 1” radio station. That’s a big move! It’s still the same thing but on a bigger scale.  But for the meantime, enjoy the sounds.

5 Artists You Should Know – July 2015

On the first Wednesday of each month, we’ll be turning the spotlight on five select artists that you should probably know, if you don’t already. While the internet has definitely bridged the gap for aspiring talent to reach new heights and larger audiences faster than ever before. It’s also created a bit of a surplus problem in regards to the quantity of projects not matching the quality expectations that we were once accustomed to. While I won’t say that it’s all bad,  It’s definitely thrown the music industry into a whirlwind and really requires more finesse and strategy than ever to really push your way to the top. That being said, the goal of this section isn’t necessarily to give you deep interviews that talk about your favorite rappers prior charges, drug habits, or executive producers who squandered away their royalties. The goal here is to focus on discovery, exploration, and hopefully to put you up on some talented individuals you’ve missed in the streets and on the web.


Bisco Smith

( Artist )
Bisco Smith, is an artist steadily in search of his own personal truth and most raw expression. His aim is to blend his experiences in life with the energy in the moment and create work that moves, questions, and inspires. His work is a blend of graffiti deconstruction, graphic design, and fine art that captures the untamed energy and uncharted environments of street style and expresses a sense of duality, spontaneity, and movement. He is currently living and working in Venice, CA with New York and Miami on the sides. Currently looking for a wall near you.

(Collaboration with Afrika_47)

For more info, commission pieces, and original work inquiries please contact Bisco by email: say the Beat Junkies sent you. You can also find him online at



Aaron Cohen
( Emcee  )
Aaron Cohen is an artist from Seattle, Washington. After graduating high school, Cohen moved to New York and began his music career. Known for his laid back flow and dark yet catchy hooks, Cohen’s lyrics interweave cynical observations of the world and himself. Cohen has previously released mixtapes via Mishka Records as well as Decon/Mass Appeal. Cohen’s music utilizes a wide range of production styles, but tends to lean towards more ambient sounds as displayed on Cohen’s newest release “Home Less.” Cohen has toured in Europe and the United States. He is working on a new untitled EP for release later this year. Cohen is a member of New York City based collective “Inner City Kids.”

Notable collaborations:
Flume, Ryan Hemsworth, A$AP Ty Beats, Tommy Kruise.

A couple weeks ago, a TV station in France called OFIVE TV had some crazy technical difficulty and ended up playing one of his music videos on repeat for four days straight. Obviously, it generated a lot of buzz out there. Here’s the video that got stuck on repeat:

You can hear his new EP “Home-Less” here: and his new video ft. Alexander Spit here:


Untitled - 3
Henry Canyons

( Emcee )
LA based rapper, Henry Canyons, transcends your typical boundaries of hip-hop identity. The self-described Brooklinite-French-Jew took to music at a young age; from his training as a jazz saxophonist to his teenage years spent in Brooklyn ciphers, his melodic style and bilingual lyrical integrity reflect a diverse musical background. After graduating college, Canyons moved to LA intent on following his passion for the art form. Since then Henry has steadily worked at his craft, putting out several different projects. “the Brooklyn-turned-LA native stays within a lane equal parts humor and quality hip-hop, generating  impeccably delivered lyrics.”  Emerging as a new artist on the scene, Paul Thompson of Passion of the Weiss assures listeners that, “Fortunately, the man at the mic has your attention. Canyons casts himself as the young Leo DiCaprio in Catch Me If You Can—alternately reckless and over-thinking, but with enough inimitable cool to pull it off.” Below is a link to his latest project that features smooth jazzy, boom bap-centric and introspective sounds guaranteed to leave listeners wanting more.


Zackey Force Funk
( Producer/Singer/DJ )
Zackey Force Funk was born into this wild world in Tucson, AZ in 1974. In and out of prison since the age of 17, ZFF began producing on pirated software his brother gave to him once he had given up a life crime to focus on writing tunes and raising his family.

First discovered by Kutmah back in the golden era of Myspace, Zackey’s signature “Force Funk Sound” swiftly grabbed the attention of a number of formidable producers. Collaborations followed shortly after with the likes of Salva, Lazer Sword, Lorn, Baron Zen, Daedelus and B. Bravo, as well as forming the group Demon Queen with Tobacco. As these tunes were scattered across various labels, finding their homes on their respective collaborator’s projects, ZFF continued to hone his style, delving deeper into the psychedelic future funk realm of which he has created for himself. The fruits of his discipline all add up to his forthcoming debut LP entitled ‘Money Green Viper”, to be released in July of 2014 on LA based collective Hit+Run.

When Zackey Force Funk isn’t robbing banks with baseball bats he’s rocking late night discotheques with soul songs for the armageddon.

Below is a link to his album on Hit+Run called Money Green Viper, which was also released on a limited edition emerald green skin vinyl by his crew.


( Producer / DJ ) 
Vinny is one of those silent but deadly artists’ with extreme versatility in his production. You can tell he thinks about every sequence, sound and sample incorporated into his tracks and isn’t afraid to do something different. These days when the market is flooded with so many repetitive sounds, it’s very refreshing to have guys like this creating more of an abstract mood music to take you through your week.  He’s based out of Long Beach, and also part of the Soulection crew, occasionally you can catch him live in a beat or dj set spreading more of the good vibes throughout dance floors across your city. Modest. Creative. Solid.

Below is what he had to say about his instrumental project titled “Vista” which is also embedded below and available for Name Your Price. Pick it up and support him if you get a chance to.

” Dedicated to & inspired by the people in my life. Each track is named after someone who I feel has made a huge impact on my life & the way I see the world. I got sounds that reminded me of them (favorite songs,movie scenes,etc.) and made tracks from those samples after I would spend time with to them..or even just think of them. I tried to put whatever emotion I had from those moments into song form. During the time I was making this project I had a lot of things going on with my life..working on these songs helped me get my mind off everything. It was great because I didn’t have to leave my own room to go to another place,all I had to do was close my eyes and listen. It was a fun idea that turned into a whole project that helped me more than I thought it was. I’m happy to share it with you. Much love to anyone who supports my music & all I wish for is to inspire some minds…”

Til Next Time.



The Black Opera collective continues to drop joints from solo & group efforts. With TBO members Magestik Legend & Jamall Bufford dropping new material individually, this time the TBO collective joins forces to drop a new group material. In an era where the idea of justice remains in question, these questions linger as well: Who can you trust? Who can you believe in? Those questions apply to “the system” and to rap music in 2015. Sacred Cow is The Black Opera’s way of answering those questions.


It’s been a hot minute since we’ve heard new music from the Detroit representative, Finale. He drops a new joint from his new upcoming album “Odds & Ends”, produced entirely by Oddisee, on Mello Music Group. The 1st joint is called “Just Due” featuring NY’s own Homeboy Sandman & fellow Detroiter Miz Korona. If this is an indication on what’s on the new album, we are in for a treat! Album drops August 14th.


Unsung is a dope music documentary series that features well respected R&B & Hip Hop artists that never really get their just due & focus on their history….kinda like another “Behind The Music” steeze. This particular feature is focused on the legendary West Coast producer Dj Quik. Watch the whole episode. Bigups to TV One & Ego Trip.


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Soundcheck Ep. 9 (6.23.15) with Dom Kennedy & Bad Lucc

Dj Babu set
Ghostface Killah & Adrian Younge – Get The Money feat Vince Staples
Bilal – Money Over Love feat Kendrick Lamar
Slum Village – Love Is feat Bilal & Illa J
Pete Rock – Heaven & Earth
Black Milk – I Guess
Bilal – Pleasure Toy feat Big K.R.I.T

Jrocc set
Pete Rock – ???
Roc Marci – ???
Krondon God Understand Me feat Shafiq Husein
DaM Funk – Just Ease Your Mind From All Negativity
Starship Connection – Heart Breaker
Tek.Lun – Where I Was Born
Guilty Simpson – Popularity Game feat Elzhi
J-Dilla – Curb Servin instr.

Special Guest Dom Kennedy

Dom Kennedy Medley mix (Dj Babu)
Dom Kennedy – Gold Alpinas feat Rick Ross
Dom Kennedy – We Ball feat Kendrick Lamar
Dom kennedy – 1997
Dom Kennedy – P H (prod by Dj Dahi)
Dom Kennedy – Still Callin
Dom Kennedy – Dream To Me
Dom Kennedy – O.P.M
Dom Kennedy – Daddy
Dom Kennedy – Represent (I like that)
Dom Kennedy Interview
Dom Kennedy – 2 Bad

Dj Babu 2nd set
Frank Nitt – Slippin
Madchild – Devils and Angels
Cormega – No Filter feat Roc Marci
Thundercat – Them Changes feat Kamasi Washington
Camp Lo – Black Jesus
Jay Electronica – Road To Perdition

Special guest: Bad Lucc

Bad Lucc Medley mix (Dj Rhettmatic)
Bad Lucc – Buck, Buck, Buck feat Problem
Dubb Union – Dub You! feat Kurupt & Traci Nelson
Bad Lucc – Amazing feat Problem & Stoney The Dealer
Bad Lucc – Bang Dat Shit
Strong Arm Steady – The Movement (Born Into It remix) feat Bad Lucc
Bad Lucc & Mykestro – The Best
Bad Lucc – Hands Down
Snoop Dogg presents Dubb Union – Western Union feat Bj The Chicago Kid & Daz Dillinger
Bad Lucc – Get Em feat Jay Rock
Bad Lucc – Mr. Officer feat Kay Cola
Bad Lucc – Freestyle Accapella
Bad Lucc – Humiliate

Jrocc 2nd set
JP Morgan – Coming Back JP
Junclassic – No Realer  feat Maniac
Cazal Organism – Maferefun Oshun/Your Love
Knxwledge – Momma
Krondon – ??
Onra – That’s Me feat Black Milk
Ras G & the African Space Program – Lord of Lords
Alchemist – Bold
Alchemist – Matzik
Freddie Gibbs – Pimp Hand
Common- Nag Champa
NxWorries – Link Up


LOS ANGELES & WORLDWIDE! Tonight (June 23rd) is another episode of Soundcheck on Beat Junkie Radio exclusively on Dash Radio. We are LIVE from 7-10pm PST. Our special guests are 2 of West Coast’s Finest: Dom Kennedy & Bad Lucc. You can tune in tonight by downloading the FREE Dash Radio app for ITunes & Android or listen to us on the web:


This is the joint people have been waiting to hear. The soul singer was all over Kendrick Lamar‘s “To Pimp A Butterfly” album, so he returns the favor for Bilal‘s new album “In Another Life”, entirely produced by our good friend Adrian Younge. The joint is called “Money Over Love” and this psychodelic jam doesn’t disappoint. In Another Life drops June 30th!


Finally, the Stones Throw Funkster, Dam-Funk releases his 1st official single from his upcoming album “Into The Light” on Stones Throw Records. It’s called “We Continue” and this funk ditty does not disappoint. Peep the goodness below & pre-order the album on ITunes or Stones Throw when it drops September 4th!


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Soundcheck Ep. 8 w/ Orijanus, Mad Skillz, Seefour (6.9.15)

Dj Rhettmatic set

Pumpkinhead Tribute Mix
Brooklyn Academy feat. Jean Grae – Raise Ya Hands
Immortal Technique – the illest feat. Jean Grae Pumpkinhead
Immortal Technique – Peruvian Cocaine feat Poison Pen & Pumpkinhead 
Pumpkinhead – Wack Emcees
Pumpkinhead – Wake Up
Pumpkinhead – Dynamic remix feat Bad Seed
Pumpkinhead – I Just Wanna Rhyme
Pumpkinhead – Anything
Pumpkinhead – Here
Pumpkinhead x Roc Marciano – ???
Pumpkinhead – Authentic
Pumpkinhead – Swordfish
Pumpkinhead – Trifactor feat Superstition & Wordsworth
Pumpkinhead – Relax remix feat J Davey

Special Guest: Orijanus

Quick Orijanus Medley Mix
Losco x Orijanus  – Loscooj
J-Dilla -The $ (Orijanus remix)
Orijanus – Ipanema
Orijanus – Eat
Orijanus – Rick1

Orijanus set

Dj Rhettmatic Set 2
Heresy – Move That Flow
Krondon & Chase N Cashe – Like us feat Freeway
Rick Gonzalez – Hail Mary
Hus Kingpin & SmooVth – Playoffs
Prhyme – Courtesy (Marco Polo remix)
Dert Floyd – Sunday School

Special Guest: Mad Skillz

Mad Skillz Medley Mix
Artifacts – Dynamite Soul feat. Mad Skillz
Skillz – It’s Going Down
Mad Skillz – Stretch Armstrong Freestyle 
Skillz & Bink – Rakim Smile
Skillz – Blow remix
High & Mighty – B-Boy Document
Mad Skillz – Extra Abstract Skillz
Mad Skillz – Nod Factor (Excel edit)
Mad Skillz – Stretch Armstrong Freestyle #1

Mad Skillz DJ Set

Dj Rhettmatic Set 3
Dj Jazzy Jeff & Dayne Jordan – Harder
Czarface – Kaboom feat MF DOOM
Nas – Life’s A Bitch (J.Rocc remix)
Nikobeats – The Picture
Nikobeats – Iamcrazy

Special Guest: SeeFour
SeeFour – Be My Side
SeeFour – Freestyle

J.Rocc Set
Redman – Dunflato
Oh No – Untitled Exclusive
Nameless – Git-Cha-Sum
Tall Black Guy-  Solar Coaster For The People
Black Milk – August slap
The Meters – Hand Clapping Song
Black Milk – Meter Hands
M.O.P – Extended Family (J.Rocc remix)
Dirtydiggs – Henchmen feat Killa Kali
Onra – That’s Me feat Black Milk
NxWorries – Wngs
Black Milk – Mary Jane candy beat
Nikobeats – Wednesday
Cazal Organism – She Likes The God
Ras G & The African Space Program – Rain


The Funky President J.Rocc has his very own radio show called “Adventures In Stereo”, every Sundays from 10pm-12am PST on KPFK 90.7FM in Los Angeles. This past Sunday (6.7.15), he had the legendary Egyptian Lover as his studio guest; J (along w/ Rhettmatic) were able to talk with him on early days of DJing, Uncle Jamm’s Army, & his new album “1984”….plus the West Coast Legend was able to get down live on the mix as well gettin busy on the Roland TR-808.  Peep out the goodness!

Adventures In Stereo (6-7-15) with guest THE EGYPTIAN LOVER by Jrocc on Mixcloud


Los Angeles & Worldwide….tonight, June 9th, it’s the return of Soundcheck radio show on Beat Junkie Radio exclusively Dash Radio. Tonight’s guests are Soulection‘s own Orijanus, the legendary Mad Skillz, & the upcoming SeeFour. Tune in tonight from 7pm – 10pm PST. Get the FREE Dash Radio App to listen or listen on our website: Shoutouts to Dj Skee & C-Minus.


UK’s own, the legendary Tim Westwood releases an audio excerpt from his radio show that features a dope freestyle between Nas & De La Soul, as all 3 MCs are going off the top of the dome while Maseo is providing the zigga zigga.  It’s totally dope to hear these legends going bar for bar, trading verses, & having fun at the same time. Bigups to Egotrip for this ditty!


The Funkateer himself, Dam-Funk drops a free EP called “STFU” to hold all you Funksters down before he drops his upcoming 2nd solo album “Invite The Light” on Stones Throw Records. Four new instrumental tracks produced, recorded, composed, & played by Dam-Funk. DF is currently on the last two weeks of a U.S. tour with Todd Rundgren. 

Download the EP here:


The oldest member of the TDE/Black Hippy Crew, Jay Rock returns with another joint to whet the appetite for his fans that are waiting for his upcoming sophomore album. The newest joint is called “Money Tree Deuces” and if this is an indication what to expect, you can best believe that he is coming with a quality album.


The Watch The Sound video series is back again….the last one we did, we featured DMC World Supremacy Champion, Dj IFTW. This time, we are now featuring the recently crowned DMC 2015 LA Champion, Dj Manwell. For more info on Manwell, follow him on IG and Twitter at @djmanwell. For all things Beat Junkies, be sure and visit us at Also, tune into our #BeatJunkieRadio station on the new Dash Radio app (free download for iphone and Android)


If you’re partying on a Sunday in LA over the summer, chances are you’re at the Do-Over. You might even be lucky enough to see our very own J Rocc the Funky President, laying down the vibes. We were there last weekend and recorded the whole thing, hosted by the man himself Mad Skillz. Shout outs to our good friends Haycock, Strong, & Aloe Blacc as well as Serato, Adidas, & Red Bull.  Make sure to check out the Do-Over during the summer:


J.Rocc Live at the Do-Over Los Angeles – 05.17.15 by Serato on Mixcloud


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Soundcheck Ep. 7 w/ Gaslamp Killer & Frank Nitt (5.26.15)

Dj Babu set

Freddie Gibbs – Dope House
Knx & Anderson Paak – Suede
Black Milk – I Guess
Pete Rock – Heaven & Earth
Czarface – Nightcrawler
Raekwon – 1, 2 1, 2 feat Snoop Dogg
Slum Village – Expressive feat BJ The Chicago Kid & Illa J
Just Blaze – Inhuman Nature

Guest: Frank Nitt

Frank Nitt – Slippin
Madlib & Frank Nitty – Pain
Frank n Dank – Everybody Get Up
J-Dilla – We F’d Up feat Frank n Dank
Frank Nitt – Official Supreme feat Botni Applebum
J-Dilla – Pause feat Frank-n-Dank
Frank Nitt Freestyle
Frank Nitt – Classic
Frank Nitt – My Hit Record

Dj Rhettmatic set

Jonwayne – Green Light feat Anderson Paak
Rick Gonzalez – Hail Mary
Hus Kingpin & SmooVth – Playoffs
Agallah – Rolling Stoned feat Ras Kass
Planet Asia – Loogies feat. Godfather Pt. III
Dr Dre – 2Nite feat Kendrick Lamar & Jeremiah
Nikobeats – The Picture
Your old droog – senseless killin II
Rick Gonzalez – Love & Money feat Prodigy
Ed OG – Sorta Way feat Reks
Nas – Life’s A Bitch (J.Rocc remix)
Nikobeats – Iamcrazy
Madlib – Sitar Ride

Gaslamp Killer mix

Dj Babu second set

Madchild – Devils & Angels
Camp Lo – Black Jesus
Nikobeats – Breaking My Heart
Prhyme – Courtesy (Marco polo remix)
Denaun Porter – Told Y’all feat. Rapsody
Fashawn – Higher instr.


Just after the heels of Adrian Younge‘s official label launch of Linear Labs last week, this joint just dropped. This is the new Ghostface Killah joint called “Return Of The Savage” featuring Raekwon & Rza, off the sequel of “Twelve Reasons To Die”….it’s the first joint off the new album. Coming soon on Linear Lab.


The newest episode of Soundcheck is now up!

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Soundcheck Ep. 6 (5.12.15) with Ras G

Dj Rhettmatic set
Agallah – Rolling Ttoned feat Ras Kass
Planet Asia x Dirtydiggs –  Loogies feat. Godfather Pt. 3
Sean Price –  S.E.A.N
Bad Lucc – Buck Buck Buck feat. Problem
Marvelous Mag – I’m from Brooklyn feat Skyzoo & Brenton
Magestik Legend – Just Enough For The City (prod by 14KT)
Theory Hazit – Honorable Mention
Clear Soul Forces- Gamma Ray
Jonwayne – Minerals & Gems
Nikobeats – I Can’t do That To Me
Nikobeats – Wednesday feat Fly Anakin & Henny Lo
Hus Kingpin & SmooVth feat. Killer Ben – Shooting Gods
Bad Lucc – Hands Down
Miliano – Cocaina
Planet Asia x Dirtydiggs – Love, Hell or Right
Frank Nitt – Classic
Blame One – Disturbed remix feat Sean P & Fashawn
Oddisee – Belong To The World

Guest: Ras G
(Ras G Medley)
Ras G –  “Sun Behind The Clouds
Ras G – G Iz Us
Ras G – Hear U
Ras G – Fly Away
Ras G and The Afrikan Space Program – Jackie
Ras G – Polo Jackets & Dashiki
Ras G – Come Down (2 Earth)
Ras G and The Afrikan Space Program – Breakfast Blunts
Ras G and The Afrikan Space Program- Ourtrilliantend
Ras G – Alkebulan
Ras G – Bruce Leroy Glow feat Koreatown Oddity
Ras G Live SP-404 set

D-Styles set
D-Styles – Felonious Funk Remix
Vince Staples – Blue Suede
Dexter – Gimme No More
Jay Electronica – Exhibit A
Flako – Rehuscope
ay Electronica – Dear Moleskin
Omid – Electric City (remix)
Snka – No Groove No Shoes
Stagga – Buff Gyal Riddim
Tall Black Guy – I Wanna Play Sumthing For You
Johnny Moog – Crack Pu$$aay
Kutmah & Tehbis – Griots
Mophono – The Edge Slip On Beat remix
Dexter- The Simpson Flip
Co.Fee – Bourgeois
Mos Def – Auditorium feat Slick Rick
Eric B & Rakim – Microphone Fiend
Nas- Get Down
Scratch 22 – Medicine Man
22 – KenLo Craqnuques (orange)
Alter – Calle Primera
Frank-n-Dank – Where’s The Party At
Notorious Big – Juicy instr

Mr.Choc set:
Masta Killa – The Return Of The Masta Kill
Action Bronson – Terry
J-Live – I Am A Man
Pete Rock- One, Two A Few More
Freddie Gibbs & Madlib – Scarface
Pharoahe Monch – Rapid Eye Movement feat Black Thought
Large Pro – Opulence
Sean Price – Kurt Rambis
Axel F – All Day instr
Raekwon – 1-2 1-2 feat Snoop Dogg
Madvillain- America’s Most Blunted
Styles P – True & Living
Greg Nice – DWYCK (Beat Junkies Dubplate)
Lord Finesse – Fat For The 90s (demo)
De La Soul – God It feat Nas
Boca 45 – Dig Eat Beats Repeat
Pete Rock – Clean Getaway feat Uncle Murda
Gangrene – Play It Cool feat Earl Sweatshirt
Jonwayne – Green Light feat Anderson Paak
Ka – Iron Age feat Roc Marciano
Dilated Peoples – Directors
Statik Selektah – Thrill Is Gone feat Styles P & Talib Kweli
Black Milk – Cold Day
Action Bronson – Falconry feat Mayhem Lauren & Big Body Bes 
Action Bronson – Warlord Leather feat Earl Sweatshirt


Combat Jack & crew drops another incredible podcast interview…..this time they interview the legendary Dj Red Alert!

Combat Jack says: Kool DJ Red Alert [brings it] back to the early days of Kool Herc and Afrika Bambataa to the BDP Juice Crew beef to the birth of the Native Tongues to the creation of Hot 97. It’s all here. Yeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaahhhhhh!

(via Ego Trip)


Our very own Mr. Choc & Rhettmatic were interviewed for this new Hip Hop documentary called “Elements”.

The Elements Documentary tells the story of Club Elements – the premier venue for hip-hop culture in Los Angeles during the late 1990’s

The documentary’s director, Dj Bonds, who was one of the main residents of the club breaks it down why he’s doing a documentary:

“The story I am attempting to tell is about Los Angeles hip-hop in the 90’s and early 2000s. Los Angeles is one of the largest cities in the US and one of the most diverse cities in the world. It’s only right that a city this diverse would have multiple stories to tell about the hip-hop culture I love and grew up in.

Club Elements only existed for a short amount of time but the impact on the LA Hip-hop scene was huge and there are many stories I want to share with you. There’s a connection of stories between The Good Life, Project Blowed, UNITY and Elements. These spots helped mold incredible talents such as Jurassic 5, Dilated Peoples, Planet Asia, The Beat Junkies and more.”

Peep the video snippet:

If you’re interested in seeing this documentary and want to see it come to fruition, Dj Bonds is starting a Kickstarter to help fund this project. Please help him donate to make this documentary a reality….this is LA Hip Hop history right here. Go to here to donate:


The Funky President just posted up the new episode of his radio show “Adventures In Stereo”, every Sunday nights from 10pm-12am PST on KPFK 90.7FM. This past Sunday (5.10.15), J.Rocc brought in his fellow Beat Junkie & Dynamic Duo partner Rhettmatic to do a special set, being it was his birthday that night. Peep the goodness as they play everything that they think is dope….As J.Rocc would say, “We are not here to play classics, we’re here to make them….”

Adventures In Stereo (5-10-2015) MUSIC FROM THUNDERCAT, SEVEN DAVIS JR, DAM FUNK + SET BY RHETTMATIC by Jrocc on Mixcloud


The Black Opera MC drops his new album today to share with masses, called “Legend Has It”.

The story of Magestik Legend is a tale of struggle, triumph, evolution and love. ML has lived a thousand lives while traversing the world as Detroit hip-hop’s best kept secret. He’s spent his latter years behind the mask making music as his alter ego within The Black Opera collective. His musical lineage is multi-dimensional, having been front and center at the height of the Midwest Hip-Hop movement. Jesse Givens, known to his fans as Magestik Legend, has come from humble beginnings, worked like there’s no tomorrow, and been blessed to see the world. “Legend Has It” is the culmination of his efforts and the soundtrack to the waves of his life.
01 Insanity produced by Magestik Legend
02 From Scratch featuring yU, produced by yU
03 Money On My Mind produced by Magestik Legend, featuring CallMeKyLA
04 Just Enough For The City produced by 14KT
05 Mrs. You produced by Audible Doctor
06 A Hit Away featuring Fyza, additional vocals by CallMeKyLA, produced by Magestik Legend
07 Ahhh Joint produced by yU featuring King Tut on sax
08 Amani Song produced by J-Palm, additional bass by CallMeKyLA
09 Lullabye produced by Magestik Legend
10 Fish Tank Syndrome featuring Jamall Bufford, produced by Trés Styles
11 Tecmo Bowl produced by AstronoteBonus Tracks:
12 Black Light featuring Obie Iyoha & Jamall Bufford, produced by Magestik Legend
13 TBO is DEAD featuring Jamall Bufford & Obie Iyoha, produced by Audible Doctor

Listen/DL the album here:


It’s been a minute since I posted up on our blog….I figured it’s a special reason to…lol.

In keeping up the tradition of giving the gift of music in honor of my birthday today (May 10), I’m releasing a mix that was originally intended for my friends Dj Sean O & Dj Phatrick, who throw a monthly event in Los Angeles called “Devil’s Pie Soul”, which is held currently at Lock N Key in Koreatown. The basis of their parties are usually built around the theme of paying tributes to musical artists.

Last month, the guys asked me to DJ their event and it was my first time spinning at Devil’s Pie. They asked me if I wanted to do a set that’s dedicated to Pharrell & the Neptunes and I said I was with it. We tried to record the mix live that night but for whatever reason, we technical difficulties in the first 15 minutes into my set. I actually like what I put together that night, so I decided to take the same songs I played that night and kinda re-created my set… here’s the mix that was inspired from that night. Pharrell & the Neptunes have such an extensive catalogue, that it was impossible to fit everything on my mix…but I am hyped that I included the Clipse‘s first actual single “The Funeral” in the mix….that’s my sh*t!

Anyways, I hope you enjoy the mix….and this is my thank you to everyone that have supported me, my music career, & my crews & affiliations. Thank you as always….Salute.

Beat Junkies



April 25th marks 16 years to the day that we lost the legendary Roger Troutman. A funk pioneer & innovator who has heavily inspired many across the globe. The talented duo of Teeko & B.Bravo does an Ill tribute to late Funkster being fans of him & his group Zapp & make their own version of the classic song “Heartbreaker”. Get down with the Fonk & enjoy!


We are back with another installment of our “Watch The Sound” video series. This time, we decided to do a little something different & spotlight some talented individuals outside of The Beat Junkies. This particular episode features the DMC World Supremacy Champion IFTW (Image From The Wood) For more info on IFTW, follow him on IG and Twitter at @djiftw. For all things Beat Junkies, visit us at


The month of May is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month. This past Saturday (5.2.15), our very own Rhettmatic was interviewed for NBC LA‘s “Life Connected” TV Special in honor of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month. NBC reporter Hetty Chang interviews Rhettmatic about how their Asian American heritage influence his music career & how he connected with other cultures. You can watch the interview here:!/on-air/as-seen-on/LIFE-CONNECTED-AP-HERITAGE-SPECIAL—HIP-HOP-HISTORY/302214051


The newest episode of Soundcheck is now up!

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Download the Dash Radio App for free or listen to us on the web:

Soundcheck Ep. 5 w/ Ali Shaheed Muhammad, Adrian Younge, Denaun Porter, & Marvwon (4.28.15)

Mr.Choc Set
Alchemist – Warlord feat Action Bronson & Earl Sweatshirt
Mobb Deep – Taking You Off Here
Freddie Gibbs – Harold’s (inst)
Blu- Cobb
Ghostface Killah – Love Don’t Live Here No More
Axel F – Searchin (inst)
Jon Wayne – Minerals & Gems
J Dilla – Beat 12
Planet Asia – Love Hell or Night
Pusha T – Lunch Money
Brand Nubian – Punk Step Up To Get Beatdown (Beat Junkie Dubplate)
De La Soul – God It feat Nas
Styles P – True & Living
Supa Dave West – 14 instr
Jay Dee – Beat 12
Nikobeats – U Can’t Do That To Me
Tall Black Guy -The Big Payback

Guests: Denaun aka Mr. Porter + Marvwon

50 Cent – P.I.M.P.
Pharoahe Monch – When The Gun Draws feat Mr. Porter
Denaun Porter – Gods laugh
Guilty Simpson – Get Bitches
50 Cent – Stunt 101

Denaun Porter & Marvwon Live Set

Onyx – Last Days (insert)
Action Bronson – Baby Blue feat Chance The Rapper
D.R.U.G.S – Nintendo pt.1

Dj Rhettmatic Set (Ali Shaheed/Adrian Younge Medley Mix)
Ghostface killah – Revenge Is Sweet
PRhyme – PRhyme
Adrian Younge presents The Delfonics – Stand Up
Bambu – Galvanter ft Rhettmatic
Adrian Younge presents The Delfonics  –
 (needs dubplate) Dj Rhettmatic – Louie Vutton Wallets feat. J57 & Koncept
PRhyme – Courtesy 
Adrian Younge – Sirens 
Jay Z – Picasso Baby
D’angelo – Brown sugar
Ali Shaheed – Panic 
Scritti Politti – Tinseltown To The The Boogiedown feat Mos Def (Ali Shaheed Muhammad remix)
ATCQ – Jazz (We’ve Got It)
Ali Shaheed – Lord Can I Have This Mercy feat. Chip Fu
ATCQ – Scenario demo
Ali Shaheed Muhammad & Adrian Young Interview
D’angelo – Lady (Live on The Chris Rock Show)
Michael Jackson – History (The Ummah Radio Mix)
KRS-One – We In There (Ali Shaheed Muhammad remix)
Adrian Younge presents Souls Of Mischief – Meeting Of The Minds (inst)
Prhyme feat. Dwele – You Should Know
Adrian Younge presents The Delfonics – Love’s Melody

Adrian Younge Vinyl Set


Tune in TONIGHT for another episode of “Soundcheck” on Beat Junkie Radio, exclusively on Dash. Our tonight’s guests is the legendary Ali Shaheed Muhammed of A Tribe Called Quest, Producer/Arranger/Writer extraordinaire Adrian Younge, & Grammy Award Winning Producer/MC Denaun Porter (Eminem, Pharoahe Monch, Guilty Simpson). Tune in from 7-10pm PST/10pm-1am EST….make sure to Download the FREE Dash Radio app or listen to us on the web:


Producer extraordinaire Knxwledge (Kendrick Lamar, Joey Bada$$, Anderson Paak) will be dropping his official Stones Throw album debut called “Hud Dreem” on May 5th.

“Knxwledge (pronounced “knowledge”) is a 26 year old, Los Angeles based beat maker making his debut on Stones Throw, May 5, 2015, with the album Hud Dreems – 26 tracks of instrumental hip-hop.

Standing out in a sea of producers rising from the L.A. beat scene, the prolific artist and record collector produces his sound by creating a pastiche of soul, jazz and hip-hop that melts together in a style uniquely his own. He has produced for hip-hop powerhouse Kendrick Lamar on To Pimp a Butterfly, for Joey Badass on 1999, and has released dozens of remix and beat tape collections on his Bandcamp. He calls these his “light work.”

Knx has found a home on Stones Throw’s roster, working closely with Mndsgn and with Anderson Paak in an R&B/hip-hop collaboration as NxWorries, whose debut album will be released later this year.”

Peep a track off his new album….


As you may know already, the Beat Junkies have their own Radio Station on Dash Radio….but what you may not know is that the Funky President has his own show….well 2 to be exact. If you listen to Beat Junkie Radio, you would know that J.Rocc has the “Praise Be” show on Sunday Mornings playing Gospel on the funk/dance/boogie tip.

The one you’re about to listen to is his official show on 90.7FM KPFK in Los Angeles every Sundays from 10pm-12am called “Adventures In Stereo”. You can also listen on This is where J gets busy & plays everything…and we mean EVERYTHING!! This is not your typical Hip Hop Radio Show….this is for the open minded music lovers.

Peep out the 3rd episode below featuring Belgium’s Finest…Dj Lefto! And remember to peep out Adventures In Stereo every Sundays on KPFK.

Adventures In Stereo (4.19.15) with Guest Special: Lefto by Jrocc on Mixcloud


The good peoples at Red Bull Music Academy just released this special documentary on the Golden Era of NY Radio from 1980-1988 called “Revolutions On Air”. With interviews with Marley Marl, Dj Red Alert, The Latin Rascals, Shep Pettibone, Stretch Armstrong, & many more. This a must see for Hip Hop heads & music documentary fans alike.


A new episode of Dj Jazzy Jeff‘s “Vinyl Destination” has dropped. This time, the Vinyl Destination crew travels to San Jose, Ca. as well as Colorado for a Burton Snowboarding Event. Starring your favorite DJ and the same cast: Skillz, Dj Ferno, Stevee Blast, & Dayne Jordan. Watch the video and enjoy the antics!

NEW MUSIC: DE LA SOUL – “GOT IT” feat. NAS (Prod by G-Force)

While the 3 Plugs are feverishly finishing their new Kickstarter supported album “And The Anonymous Nobody”, they just released a little teaser that’s not going to be on the album called “Got It” featuring the God’s Son….Nas on the hook. Produced by G-Force. Enjoy this dope ditty to hold you over til the new album drops!