Speaking of Dj Craze, our boy got busy as a guest on Soulection Radio on their latest episode #214. We also like to say congratulations to our boy Joe Kay and the whole Soulection crew by taking their radio show to Apple Music‘s “Beats 1” radio station. That’s a big move! It’s still the same thing but on a bigger scale.  But for the meantime, enjoy the sounds.


This past weekend, the Funky President J.Rocc made his official guest debut on Soulection Radio on Rinse FM with Joe Kay.  J drops an all around dope set for the Soulection listeners as well as engaging an interview with the Soulection Head Honcho. Peep out Episode #192 & enjoy!


If you are familiar with Soulection & Mr. Carmack, this is something that you want to listen to.

From Soulection’s head honcho, Joe Kay himself:

“It’s been long over due but we were finally able to get Carmack one on one. He is definitely one of the most forward thinking artists of the new generation. If you produce then there is a good chance that you know who Carmack is. He has inspired many all over the world and has pretty much created his own genre of sound. How many times have you heard another producer make a beat similar to his and say to yourself, “CARMACK”!?

This guy has been a big part of Soulection’s growth and history and it felt good to finally sit down with my bro to talk about his growth and current inspirations. We talked about how his move to L.A. changed his life, how he feels about other producers who create music that sounds like his, his relationship with drugs and why he calls his music drugs, when we can expect the next album, and much more.

There is also 50 minute mix of Carmack’s gems from his early days to the present. Look out for the video of our interview session via our YouTube channel:

Catch you next week.”

-Joe Kay