5 Artists You Should Know – July 2015

On the first Wednesday of each month, we’ll be turning the spotlight on five select artists that you should probably know, if you don’t already. While the internet has definitely bridged the gap for aspiring talent to reach new heights and larger audiences faster than ever before. It’s also created a bit of a surplus problem in regards to the quantity of projects not matching the quality expectations that we were once accustomed to. While I won’t say that it’s all bad,  It’s definitely thrown the music industry into a whirlwind and really requires more finesse and strategy than ever to really push your way to the top. That being said, the goal of this section isn’t necessarily to give you deep interviews that talk about your favorite rappers prior charges, drug habits, or executive producers who squandered away their royalties. The goal here is to focus on discovery, exploration, and hopefully to put you up on some talented individuals you’ve missed in the streets and on the web.


Bisco Smith

( Artist )
Bisco Smith, is an artist steadily in search of his own personal truth and most raw expression. His aim is to blend his experiences in life with the energy in the moment and create work that moves, questions, and inspires. His work is a blend of graffiti deconstruction, graphic design, and fine art that captures the untamed energy and uncharted environments of street style and expresses a sense of duality, spontaneity, and movement. He is currently living and working in Venice, CA with New York and Miami on the sides. Currently looking for a wall near you.

(Collaboration with Afrika_47)

For more info, commission pieces, and original work inquiries please contact Bisco by email:  contact@biscosmith.com say the Beat Junkies sent you. You can also find him online at http://www.biscosmith.com



Aaron Cohen
( Emcee  )
Aaron Cohen is an artist from Seattle, Washington. After graduating high school, Cohen moved to New York and began his music career. Known for his laid back flow and dark yet catchy hooks, Cohen’s lyrics interweave cynical observations of the world and himself. Cohen has previously released mixtapes via Mishka Records as well as Decon/Mass Appeal. Cohen’s music utilizes a wide range of production styles, but tends to lean towards more ambient sounds as displayed on Cohen’s newest release “Home Less.” Cohen has toured in Europe and the United States. He is working on a new untitled EP for release later this year. Cohen is a member of New York City based collective “Inner City Kids.”

Notable collaborations:
Flume, Ryan Hemsworth, A$AP Ty Beats, Tommy Kruise.

A couple weeks ago, a TV station in France called OFIVE TV had some crazy technical difficulty and ended up playing one of his music videos on repeat for four days straight. Obviously, it generated a lot of buzz out there. Here’s the video that got stuck on repeat:

You can hear his new EP “Home-Less” here:  https://soundcloud.com/aaron-cohen/sets/home-less-ep and his new video ft. Alexander Spit here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EdXqoRFlLi8


Untitled - 3
Henry Canyons

( Emcee )
LA based rapper, Henry Canyons, transcends your typical boundaries of hip-hop identity. The self-described Brooklinite-French-Jew took to music at a young age; from his training as a jazz saxophonist to his teenage years spent in Brooklyn ciphers, his melodic style and bilingual lyrical integrity reflect a diverse musical background. After graduating college, Canyons moved to LA intent on following his passion for the art form. Since then Henry has steadily worked at his craft, putting out several different projects. “the Brooklyn-turned-LA native stays within a lane equal parts humor and quality hip-hop, generating  impeccably delivered lyrics.”  Emerging as a new artist on the scene, Paul Thompson of Passion of the Weiss assures listeners that, “Fortunately, the man at the mic has your attention. Canyons casts himself as the young Leo DiCaprio in Catch Me If You Can—alternately reckless and over-thinking, but with enough inimitable cool to pull it off.” Below is a link to his latest project that features smooth jazzy, boom bap-centric and introspective sounds guaranteed to leave listeners wanting more.


Zackey Force Funk
( Producer/Singer/DJ )
Zackey Force Funk was born into this wild world in Tucson, AZ in 1974. In and out of prison since the age of 17, ZFF began producing on pirated software his brother gave to him once he had given up a life crime to focus on writing tunes and raising his family.

First discovered by Kutmah back in the golden era of Myspace, Zackey’s signature “Force Funk Sound” swiftly grabbed the attention of a number of formidable producers. Collaborations followed shortly after with the likes of Salva, Lazer Sword, Lorn, Baron Zen, Daedelus and B. Bravo, as well as forming the group Demon Queen with Tobacco. As these tunes were scattered across various labels, finding their homes on their respective collaborator’s projects, ZFF continued to hone his style, delving deeper into the psychedelic future funk realm of which he has created for himself. The fruits of his discipline all add up to his forthcoming debut LP entitled ‘Money Green Viper”, to be released in July of 2014 on LA based collective Hit+Run.

When Zackey Force Funk isn’t robbing banks with baseball bats he’s rocking late night discotheques with soul songs for the armageddon.

Below is a link to his album on Hit+Run called Money Green Viper, which was also released on a limited edition emerald green skin vinyl by his crew.


( Producer / DJ ) 
Vinny is one of those silent but deadly artists’ with extreme versatility in his production. You can tell he thinks about every sequence, sound and sample incorporated into his tracks and isn’t afraid to do something different. These days when the market is flooded with so many repetitive sounds, it’s very refreshing to have guys like this creating more of an abstract mood music to take you through your week.  He’s based out of Long Beach, and also part of the Soulection crew, occasionally you can catch him live in a beat or dj set spreading more of the good vibes throughout dance floors across your city. Modest. Creative. Solid.

Below is what he had to say about his instrumental project titled “Vista” which is also embedded below and available for Name Your Price. Pick it up and support him if you get a chance to.

” Dedicated to & inspired by the people in my life. Each track is named after someone who I feel has made a huge impact on my life & the way I see the world. I got sounds that reminded me of them (favorite songs,movie scenes,etc.) and made tracks from those samples after I would spend time with them..talk to them..or even just think of them. I tried to put whatever emotion I had from those moments into song form. During the time I was making this project I had a lot of things going on with my life..working on these songs helped me get my mind off everything. It was great because I didn’t have to leave my own room to go to another place,all I had to do was close my eyes and listen. It was a fun idea that turned into a whole project that helped me more than I thought it was. I’m happy to share it with you. Much love to anyone who supports my music & all I wish for is to inspire some minds…”

Til Next Time.



If you are a true Hip Hop fan or a production credit geek like us, you would know who is Larry Smith. ‘Who’s Larry Smith?’ you say? He is the man that was responsible for producing classic tracks to Run DMC, Whodini, Fat Boys, & Kurtis Blow such as Sucker MCs, One Love, Friends, Jailhouse Rap, & many others.

Smith began his hip-hop career playing on one of the genre’s earliest hits, Kurtis Blow’s 1979 “Christmas Rappin’.” He continued working with Blow on the even bigger hit “The Breaks,” which he co-wrote and played bass on.

It was a short step from working with the Russell Simmons-managed Blow to Run-DMC. It was with the Queens trio that Smith did his most iconic work. Despite his extensive experience with live bands, Smith decided to strip away everything but a drum machine for the group’s first single, “It’s Like That” b/w “Sucker MCs.” The result was one of the single most powerful and influential moments in hip-hop history.

He continued to work with Run-DMC on their debut full length, and is generally credited with introducing the electric guitar to rap with songs like “Rock Box.”

After that success, Smith moved on to work with Whodini, producing their iconic songs “Five Minutes of Funk” and “Friends.” However, as the 1980s wore on, the producer found that the new sample-based sound was phasing him out of the industry. He told author Brian Coleman that “I just couldn’t bring myself to sample. I was totally against it. As a musician, I just couldn’t use something that I didn’t create myself. The only reason I jumped out the game was because of my ego.” (Via XXL)

Larry Smith suffered a stroke a few years ago that left him confined to a nursing home…..he passed away last night (12/18/14). The Beat Junkies salute Larry Smith for all his work & contributions to the music & culture of Hip Hop. Thank you Larry….Rest In Peace.


Welcome to “Contributor Spotlight” – a new monthly feature here at beatjunkies.com wherein we highlight one of our musical contributors for our mp3 record pool. This month we travel to Las Vegas to introduce you to one of the West Coast’s premiere party rockers and producers, Phoreyz.
Born in New York and raised in Los Angeles, Phoreyz began collecting records at the early age of 12. In 2001, he started Dj’ing in LA, and has since earned a prominent reputation within the dj community and music enthusiast circles. Recognized for his unique style on the turntables and his selection of quality music, Phoreyz has been called on to do work for Mochilla, Undefeated, Stones Throw, Frank 151, and has shared the stage with the likes of DJ Jazzy Jeff, Z-Trip, and Nu-Mark, to name a few.
Today beatjunkies.com proudly presents an EXCLUSIVE edit pack from our good friend Phoreyz. Be sure to visit our record pool and check out his blends and remixes!

If you’re ever in the Las Vegas / Los Angeles sectors, be sure and check out Phoreyz at one of his residencies!

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